Saturday, January 31, 2009

Investment Banking, Analysis and Portfolio Management Concepts Directory

I am developing a directory of concepts on knol platform. Prsently I am setting up the framework or structure. I shall create individual knols for each concept over a period of time.

Investment Banking, Analysis and Portfolio Management Concepts Directory (Ua to Uz)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Currently Teaching the Subject Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

My teaching of the subject started once again on 15th January 2009. I shall update the revision point chapters and other related posts more frequently for the next three months.

I am now writing more actively on

On knol I am trying to develop a management knowledge revision book.

My bio page on knol.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Collaborative Open Source Financial Analysis.

The Goldman Sachs Forensic Analysis
by Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton is the personification of the freethinking maverick--the penultimate nonconformist as it applies to macro strategies, investment, and analysis. He uses his background and knowledge in new media, distributed computing, risk management, insurance, financial engineering, real estate, corporate valuation, and financial analysis to pursue, analyze, and capitalize on global macroeconomic opportunities.

Finding most available research lacking, both in quality and quantity, Mr. Middleton assembled his own talented research staff. As forensic research is a lynchpin for his own investing, "to actually put food on the table," he stands behind it as doing what it is supposed to do - illustrate, elucidate and educate.

He does not sell advice or research. He is an entrepreneur who exists outside of mainstream corporate America and Wall Street. This allows him the freedom to do things that many cannot--perform without conflicts of interest and corporate politics. He prides himself on developing some of the highest quality, actionable research available - regardless of price. He welcomes any and all to peruse his blog of freely available analysis, opinion and participatory social media; use his custom tools, download files, interact with the community and make critical comparisons from a results orientated perspective. Reggie believes ideas and implementations are improved and fine-tuned when bounced off of the collective intellect of the many, in lieu of that of the few - in essence, a form of collaborative open source financial analysis.

Visit his blog Boom Bust Blog.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lead Research analysts - Required

One of the leading broking companies which have presence in 8
cities and total 13 branches is looking for Lead Research analysts to be
based at Mumbai for multiple sectors, namely Banking, IT, Pharma, FMCG,
and Telecom

Job Description:

* Analyst will be responsible for Complete Equity Research
Analysis, from the ideation to the finalization of the report writing to
the presentation to the clients. To be successful in the role, skills
required would be: in-depth understanding of the sectors, Fundamental
Analysis, Financial Analysis, Stock Valuation, and Financial Modeling,
writing Reports & Presentation, Articulating investment ideas to
* In-depth knowledge of banking or IT or Pharma or FMCG sector.
* Preference for candidates with knowledge of multiple sectors

Experience: CA / MBA with minimum 6 yrs and more experience in tracking
one of the above sectors.

Reporting: HOD

Those interested can send their profiles to sheetal.s@vitasta. net or by post to

Sheetal Salvi I Sr. Executive - HCS I
Vitasta Consulting Pvt Ltd I
|311, Ganatra Estate, Khopat,
Thane West,Maharashtra,
India 400601|Tel:91- 22-41021206
Mobile : 9322133424 |
Email : sheetal.s@vitasta. net

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Interviews with investment professionals on their job

Interview with a stock analyst

An interesting question

What education or skills are need to do this?

A degree in finance or accounting would be ideal. Typically you’ll need high grade point averages too. Then you’re required at my firm, not at all firms but at my firm, to get your CFA which stands for Chartered Financial Analyst before you can start to cover your own company. You don’t have to have it before starting but you have to have it before you start following your own companies. It’s a series of three tests. Typically, you have to pass at least one or two of them before you have much of a chance of getting hired.

So the biggest thing is, an accounting or a finance background and ability to pass the CFA exam. I’d say, you’ve got to have some analytical skills, you’ve got to be good with numbers. You’re dealing with numbers all day long but then at the same time, you’ve got to be able to communicate your message to our financial advisors, so you’ve also got to have some communication skills.

Interview with an investment consultant