Sunday, June 24, 2007

About the Blog

The blog is my initiative to develop handbook on the subject. I argued in one of my papers that books on Security Analysis failed to distinguish clearly between analytical techniques for investment and trading. This is a vehicles for me to correct that deficiency. As a professor in the subject, I have developed a equity research report template for my students that has two analytical techniques for investment, three analytical techniques for trading one of them being a technical analysis rule.

One batch of my students in ICFAI Business School, Mumbai, presented their classroom assignment in a public investor meet, wherein they presented 5 companies as buy under each method. They also organised a workshop wherein each method was explained in detail with an example of one company from the list of 5 companies they presented in the investor meet. Both the public events were well appreciated by public as well as some professionals from the broking companies.

I advocate that investors and traders should know the techniques of analysis that they are using very thoroughly. Through this handbook, I also try to provide material for the facilitating my proposition that investors and traders should know the analytical techniques in detail.

I invite postgraduate students, research scholars, faculty members and professionals to contribute articles for inclusion in this handbook.

A very popular saying is "Knowledge is one asset that increases in value by sharing with others."
Increase your knowledge asset value